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Naskah drama "Cinderella" 7 orang :) < in English >

Actually this is my script for my practice exam. but, it's okey if I post it. The reason why I post it is to help you search script easier.
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Narrator : Once upon a time there was an unhappy young girl named Cinderella. She had two evil stepsisters who were very cruel to her.Stepsister 1 : Did you clean the kitchen?Cinderella : Yes, I did.Stepsister 2 : Did you iron my clothes?Cinderella : Yes, I did.Stepsister 1 : Did you polish my shoes?Cinderella : Yes, I did.Stepsister 2 : And, did you make breakfast?Cinderella : Yes, the breakfast is ready.Stepsister 1 : Good! Let’s have breakfast now! (talk to stepsister 2)

Narrator : The evil stepsisters made Cinderella do all the hard work. When she swept in the garden, she found a letter.Cinderella : (calling out) Chossy, Vaya! There is a letter from the royal palace for you!Stepsister 2 : (fighting) give it to me! I want to open it.Stepsister 1 : (fighting) no! I open it!Stepsister 1 & 2 : (looking at the invitation card)Stepsister 1 : Wow!!! We are invited to the prince’s birthday party!Stepsister 2 : Yeaahhhh!!!!!! I must look beautiful tonight! But, I don’t have beautiful dress.Stepsister 1 : Let’s go to shop!Cinderella : Vaya, can I ask something? May I go to the party?Stepsister 1 & 2 : (laughing together)Stepsister 2 : Hahaha. Are you kidding me? Of course not!Stepsister 1 : Don’t be like that, Chossy. You can go to the party but after you take all of the rice from this sand. Don’t miss even one grain! When we arrive home, it has to be finished already!Cinderella : Okey. I promise! (smiling)Narrator : The Stepsisters went shopping and left Cinderella alone. Cinderella tried to take all of the rice before they went home.

Stepsister 2 : (calling out) Cinderella!!!! We are home. Where are you? You have to help us !Cinderella : Okey. I will help you. What can I do?Stepsister 1 : Do my hair!Cinderella : Okey.Stepsister 2 : Cinderella!! polish my shoes!Cinderella : I’ve done it.Narrator : Cinderella was very busy to help her stepsisters until everything had done.Cinderella : okey. Everything has done. Vaya, may I go with you now? I have already taken the rice and helped you.Stepsister 1 : Oh really? Let me see it. (looking at the sand) What is this?! There is a rice grain in the sand! Hahaha I’m really sorry! You can not go to the party! You must stay at home and clean this room. It is so dirty!Stepsister 2 : Hahahaha What I said before! It is just your dream to go to the party and dance with the prince, Cinderella! Come on Vaya, the party has already started.Stepsister 1 : Hahaha yeah you are right, Chossy. We are leaving now! And you! Don’t forget to clean this room! Bye! (they laughed)

Narrator : After the two evil stepsisters had left, Cinderella cried in her room. She really wanted to go to the party. Suddenly a Fairy Godmother appeared.Cinderella : Who are you?Fairy : I’m your fairy Godmother, beautiful Cinderella. Why are you crying?Cinderella : I want to go to Prince’s party. But, I can not go.Fairy : Oh poor girl. I can help you go to the party tonight (smiling)Narrator : the fairy waved her magic wand. Cinderella’s rags turned into a beautiful dress.Cinderella : WOW! It is beautiful. I love it!Fairy : You are ready now my dear. Have fun tonight, but be back by midnight or else!Cinderella : I will, fairy Godmother! Thank you.Fairy : You are welcome. Remember it!Narrator : When Cinderella arrived, everyone wondered who she was.Prince : Who is she? I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman.Prince’s friend : yeah, She is gorgeous, right?Prince : I want to dance with her.Stepsister 2 : Oh my prince, would you dance with me?Prince : I’m sorry. I have already had a person that will dance with me.Stepsister 1 : hahaha ! see! The prince won’t dance with you sister, he will dance with me. Right?Prince : I’m sorry. I shall dance with the stunning lady with the glass slippers over there. Excuse me (leaving them)Stepsister 2 : Hahaha… look! He won’t dance with you either!Stepsister 1 : Shut up, Chossy!Prince : Hello a beautiful princess. Would you like to dance with me?Cinderella : Oh, yes, your highness.Stepsister 1 : Oh no! the prince is dancing with her!Stepsister 2 : It’s not fair! He was meant to dance with me!Narrator : The prince danced every dance with her. Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve. “Teng… Teng… Teng…”Cinderella : I’m sorry I must go now! Thank you for the dance.Prince : Please stay! (shouting) what is your name?!Narrator : Cinderella did not answer and ran back to home, but she lost one of her slippers on the way. When she would take it, the prince was not far from her. She had to leave it.Cinderella : Oh no! Everything’s gone. My beautiful dress and my slippers. Where are they? Was it a dream?

Narrator : The party was finished. The prince and his friend talked about Cinderella's slippers in the Prince’s room. The prince had fallen in love with the beautiful princess he danced with and could not forget her.Prince : What do you think? This is my princess’ slipper. But I don’t know who she is. (confused and sad)Prince’s Friend : Why don’t you try to find her?Prince : How?Prince’s Friend : We find her. Every girl in the kingdom can try on this slipper.Prince : That is a good idea! Okey. We will find her tomorrow!

Narrator : The next day, the prince and his friend tried to find Cinderella. Until they arrived in Cinderella’s home.Prince’s Friend : Hello. Any body home? Here comes the Prince.Cinderella : (surprised) Oh. Your highnessPrince’s Friend : Are you alone?Cinderella : No, I’m with my stepsisters.Prince’s Friend : Could you call them?Cinderella : Okey. (calling out) Chossy, Vaya! The prince is at the door. He would like to meet you!Stepsister 1 : I’m here. I’m here. Good morning, Prince. I am so happy that you found my slipper.Stepsister 2 : That is my slipper. I am the princess you are looking for.Prince’s Friend : Stop it! You should try it not just say it.Prince : Yes, he is right. You are first (pointing at Stepsister 1)Stepsister 1 : Wow. He chose me first. HahahaStepsister 2 : Huh! Look at that! Your feet are too big. Give it to me!Stepsister 1 : Huh! Your feet are too small. Look! Like what I said ! hahahaPrince’s Friend : If it is not yours. Who has it? All the girls in this kingdom have already tried it, but that girl (pointing at Cinderella).Prince : Let that girl try. ( pointing at Cinderella)Stepsister 1 : But she is Cinderella, our stepsister.Stepsister 2 : She did not go to the party. The slipper won’t fit her!Narrator : And then Cinderella tried on the slipper.Prince : It fits! ( happy)Prince’s Friend : It fits! (surprised)Cinderella : It fits (smiling)Stepsister 1 & 2 : (shocked and envy) Ha? how come?!Prince : (smiling, relieved) you are the one I have been looking for! What is your name?Cinderella : (smiling) My name is Cinderella.Prince : Will you be my wife and live with me in the palace?Cinderella : (beaming and blushing) Yes, I will my prince.Narrator : The prince and the prince's friend left the house and took Cinderella with them to the palace. The two step sisters were full of regret.Stepsister 1 : But, you can’t leave us, Cinderella!Stepsister 2 : yeah. I know you are a good girl. Please let us come with you to the palace too. (begging at Cinderella)Cinderella : I’m sorry. You have to stay here and clean this house. It is so dirty. I will visit you if I have time. See you, my good stepsisters! (smiling)Narrator : The Prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after and her stepsisters lived miserably without Cinderella.

~ The end ~

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